Powergen Europe 2019

12 - 14 November 2019


Summit Sessions

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Summit Sessions

The Summit Programme offers a strategic and policy forming environment, serving every level of the utility value chain.

In a market confronted to the new disruptive cross-industry players, the Summit's fine-tuned content offering includes different tracks and themes, bringing together C-level experts and innovative thinkers within the utility industry, offering the right platform to brainstorm and strategise about the industry's challenges ahead.


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These will be the topics being discussed during the exclusive Summit:

The New Energy Mix

The New Energy Mix

The diversification of power sources is critical to ensure system reliability and flexibility. If Electrification of everything has the leading role, we cannot deny the role of gas and its potential in the future sustainable energy mix. 

We will look at decentralisation and what are the opportunities at the edge of the grid. 

This new ecosystem is where the future grid allows generation, storage and consumption of energy, continuously enabled by technology with networked microgrids capable of producing, using, and storing energy and transacting energy with others. 

We will also look at the future energy scenarios, its new energy mix and the latest developments with regards to sector coupling.

Energy Markets

Energy Markets

The Energy Markets Programme will consist of an Energy Markets track in the strategic Summit and on the Energy Markets Hub Sessions Programme on the exhibition floor, with sessions in our Power Trading theatre and in our Gas Trading Theatre. 
Both programmes this year will allocate a lot of time to digitalisation in trading, new market players and to new business models and value opportunities.

  • What are the most profitable opportunities?
  • What are the real challenges and who are the enablers?
  • What new startups do we see emerging and what are their strategies?
  • We will also focus on the future outlooks for the wholesale power and gas markets, energy price drivers, the flex market and the future market design.

All in all, Energy Markets will provide you with the latest updates on market developments and will enable you to network with key stakeholders from the energy trading community, large energy users and solution providers.

The programme is specifically designed for Gas & Power traders, heads of trading, settlement specialists, IT managers, data scientists, market analysts, originators, aggregators, energy managers at energy-intensive companies, TSOs and DSOs.



For 2019, the Digitalisation programme is going to return to the basics. We are going to focus on the core of digitalisation, mainly the use of digital technologies (sensors, meters, connected devices, infrastructure, etc.) that help reduce costs and rapidly transform the existing business models by creating – among other things – new sources of revenue. This was  decided after all the messages that came out of of European Utility Week 2018, during our second day keynote panel discussion on “Doing Business in a Digital and Decentralised Energy System”.

The digitalisation programme is not, however, going to include only presentations of new technologies. It is going to ask and try to answer questions of strategic importance for the energy sector. 

We start our journey with the “Digital Ecosystem” session, where we are asking the question “Where is Digitalisation taking us?”. Various stakeholders (startups, utilities, communities, the EU Commission, local authorities, and solution providers) are going to venture an answer. 
The session dedicated to the “Digital Utility Transformation” is going to guide us through the current roadmap and answer questions such as “How much digitalization we really need?”, “What works and what doesn’t”, “What are the best digital strategies for a single digital market?”. 
During the “Digital Technologies solving problems” and the “CyberSecurity” sessions, we are going to investigate the problems that the various technologies at hand (AI, VR, AR, Digital Twin, etc.) are solving and how. 

And finally, the “Democratising Energy via Digitalisation” session is going to focus on problems caused or solved by the new technologies – as well as their ethical impact – for the Digital Citizen, the consumer of today and tomorrow.

If you believe that digital technologies are going to transform the world’s energy systems and you wish to exchange knowledge and ideas with high level officials from Utilities, High Tech Companies, Digital Platforms, Virtual Power Plants, Solution Providers, Consultants, European and Local Authorities and the Academia (to name but a few), then the Digitalisation track of the Summit is perfect for you!

C&I - Commercial & Industrial Energy Users

C&I - Commercial & Industrial Energy Users

More emphasis will lie on the role of Commercial and Industrial Energy users.

The energy-intensive sector is of huge importance to the energy transition. Although the sector is slowly changing from having energy consumers only, to welcoming energy prosumers, progress needs to be made in improving energy efficiency. 

Commercial and Industrial energy users currently consume 26% of Europe’s energy annually. With Europe targeting a 40% CO² emission cuts by 2030 and 60% by 2040, the importance of industrial and commercial energy is crucial at the moment.

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