27 - 29 October 2020

Meet our Ambassadors


Meet our Ambassadors


We are constantly working with our community of industry experts to help us connect with the market and to provide you with the right content to navigate a positive energy transition. Each Ambassador is an expert on a certain topic area and acts as a spokesperson for our event. You will see their faces on our website, promotion materials, and social media channels, as they will be actively involved in our campaign!


Diederik Peereboom, Director General, T&D EUROPE


Diederik Peereboom


Francisco Puente, Business Development and Projetcs Director, Escan energy consulting

Francisco Puente

François Le Scornet, President, Carbonexit Consulting


Francois le scornet


Gary Cafe, Consultancy Manager - Sustainability, Schneider ESS

Gaby Cafe

Guillermo Amann, Senior Advisor to the President, ORMAZABAL - A Velatia company

guillermo amann


Ilaria Conti, Head of Gas, Florence School of Regulation                                                  

Ilaria Conti


Jayson Dong, Policy Officer, AVERE


Jayson Dong


Leon Pulles, Managing Partner, Energy Investment Management BV

Leon Pulles

Robert Sarcevic, Senior Marketing Consultant, Siemens

Robert Sarcevic

Peter Hughes, Director of Business Development - Europe, Black & Veatch

Peter Hughes


Yann Fromont, Vice-President T&D EUROPE, Standards & Governmental affairs Vice-President SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC

Yann Fromont

Ruediger Koenig, Executive Advisor to investors and suppliers in the low-carbon energies value chain  


Rudy koening


Nicolas Kraus, EU Policy & Regulatory Affairs Manager, Hydrogen Europe  


Nicolas Kraus

Sandra Trittin, Head of Business Development & Marketing and Co-Founder, tiko

Sandra Trittin


Joerg Gmeinbauer, Vice President, Global Sales & Strategic Markets, Bureau Veritas

Joerg Gmeinbauer


José Manuel Carvalho, Director Business Development - Europe, EFACEC

JM carvalho


Stanislas d’Herbemont, Project Manager REScoop.eu


Klaas Hommes, Business Developer, TenneT


Arjan Haring, Scientific Advisor, Jads


Arjan Haring, Scientific Advisor, Jads

Melvin van Melzen, Managing Partner, All in power

Melvin van Melzen, Managing Partner, all in power

Madis Talmar, Assistant Professor, TUE

Madis Talmar, Assistant Professor, TUE

Johanna Ronay, COO, Hackabu

Johanna Ronay, COO, Hackabu

Marloes Wichink Kruit, Human Capital Manager, EIT InnoEnergy

Marloes Wichink Kruit


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