Powergen Europe 2019

12 - 14 November 2019

State-of-the-Art Smart Grid experiments

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State-of-the-Art Smart Grid experiments

A showcase of various local State-of-the-Art Smart Grid experiments

European Utility Week 2019 Site Visits Enedis Lille


14th of November

Duration of the visit: approx. 4 hours

Programme of the day:

  • Gathering at Lille Train Station - Gare de Lille Flandres: 9h55
  • Transfer to St Philibert smart charging parking lot: 10h00  - arrival 10h25
  • Presentation of smart charging modulation: 10h25 - 11h15
  • Transfer to Enedis local HQ: 11h15 - arrival 11h40
  • Showroom visit: 11h40 - 12:40
  • Lunch with Head of Regional Rev3 Mission P. Vasseur: 12h45 – 14h00


The visit will start with “So Mel So Connected”, the first pre-industrial smart grid project headed by Lille European Metro Area under technical guidance by Enedis. The objective of this ADEME-sponsored project is to scale up smart grid solutions while studying various business models associated.

Several use cases are being experimented, including electric mobility. We are expecting one million electric vehicles on France’s roads by 2022, as a result of which Enedis and the Lille Metropolitan Area are testing, with help from various partners, dynamic charging modulation on a parking lot. Equipped with 6 charging points and a shade house with PV solar panels, it offers a charging solution tailored to the local population’s needs, while optimising both local power generation and operation of the local power distribution grid. Linky smart meters have been directly integrated into the charging stations by Enedis, enabling the Lille metropolitan area to closely monitor EV-induced power consumptions.

Smart Grids are disrupting an already changing energy sector. A whole array of use cases and solutions are being tested, with local prosumers being a key part in these transformations, hence a new challenge for the distribution grid. We offer you an immersive visit throughout self-consumption, flexibilities, grid operation with Linky, etc.

The Hauts-de-France Region (northern France) has been rolling out its "3rd industrial revolution" project under the aegis of economics theorist Jeremy Rifkin since 2014. This “Rev3” project entails a collective momentum (local authorities, economic players, academics, population) aiming at turning the Hauts-de-France region into one of the most advanced European regions regarding local energy transition and the use of digital technologies.

In a nutshell, Rev3 brings together 800 projects, both public and private investments totalling an estimated €500m/year, more than €14m of crowdfunding through deposits on “Rev3 savings accounts” by local citizens, a first of a kind €50m investment fund for companies wishing to develop projects in the region and create new jobs, and 10 “large scale structuring projects”.

Philippe Vasseur, a former minister of Agriculture, was appointed Chairman of the Rev3 Mission by Head of Region Xavier Bertrand. This is a unique opportunity to meet with him to get privileged insight into the specific issues and the methodologies implemented by the region to succeed in its Energy Transition.

Speakers: Philippe Vasseur, the Hauts-de-France region.

Location: 174 Avenue de la République La Madeleine


  • Location: Lille European Metropolitan Area
    Please note participants need to make their own way to Lille train station Gare de Lille Flandres. Train tickets can be booked on oui.snc
    Visitors are advised to travel on the train leaving Paris-Nord at 8:46 and arriving at Lille Flandres at 9:48
  • Languages: Français, English 
  • Emaildavid.bornstain@enedis.fr / justine.schneble@enedis.fr
  • Visiting hours: 10h00 – 14h00
  • Capacity of reception: max. 50 people




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